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Launch Cheese Maker by Studio Makkink & Bey



The Cheese Maker is a stack of products, with which you can make homemade cheese. The tower consists of a juicer, a milk jug, a spoon, a colander, a pan, a cutting board, a bowl, a cheesecloth and a press. Each product is hand-made of different materials such as wood, ceramics (blue pottery), metal, copper, cotton, soapstone and marble.


Sustainable business relations


Imperfect Design makes handcrafted lifestyle products designed by leading Dutch designers in collaboration with craftsmen and craftswomen in developing countries and emerging markets. Imperfect Design intends to build sustainable business relations with craftsmen in countries such as Guatemala, Vietnam and India.

Leading elements in the work of Studio Makkink & Bey are developing a vision, searching ways of collaboration, exchanging culture and education. Designing commercial products has never been the focus in the work of Rianne Makkink & Jurgen Bey.

Combining the different objectives has made this project ambitious and challenging. Due to an intensive collaboration in Jaipur, this project has provided remarkable results already and at the same time we are only at the beginning of a potential fruitful cooperation.